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Faye Adams was a R&B singer in the 50's/early 60's, most famous for her 1954 chart topper Shake A Hand. Still in her teens she was chosen to replace Laurie Tate as the singer with Joe Morris' Orchestra. She released one single for Atlantic, That's What Makes My Baby Fat b/w I'm Going To Leave You (billed as Fay Scruggs) which didn't go anywhere, and so she and Joe Morris left for independent NY label Herald (although Atlantic later released to other sides to cash in on the success of Shake A Hand).

Her first single for Herald was the gospeltinged blues ballad Shake A Hand, still one of the defining songs of early R&B. She later recorded a few minor hit singles (eg. I'll Be True, The Hammer etc.). However the hits soon dried up and in 1957 she left for Imperial where she recordes eight songs of which only one managed any chart action, Keeper Of My Heart.

She later cut sides for Lido, Warwick, Savoy and Prestige, none which managed to hit the charts. After her last single in 1962 for Prestige she left the world of secular music and recorded a few gospel albums and never speaking about her R&B years again.

(If anyone has any information about her whereabouts now, please share!)

Here you have ALL of her Atlantic, Herald, Imperial, Lido and Savoy sides incl. several at the time unreleased tracks - many of these have never been released on CD. Unfortunately I haven't been abled to track down her singles or the album she released on Warwick. I have however ordered two gospel albums on vinyl which I hope to recieve early next year, shipping from the States to Europe takes some time apparently. Please enjoy these songs and check back in a few week for more rare Faye Adams!

1952, Atlantic 985, I'm Going To Leave You b/w That's What Makes My Baby Fat
1952, Atlantic 1007, Watch Out, I Told You b/w Sweet Talk

1953, Herald 416, Shake A Hand b/w I’ve Gotta Leave You
1953, Herald 419, Happiness To My Soul b/w I’ll Be True
1954, Herald 423, Say A Prayer b/w Everyday
1954, Herald 429, Somebody Somewhere b/w Crazy Mixed-Up World
1954, Herald 434, Hurts Me To My Heart b/w Ain’t Gonna Tell
1954, Herald 439, I Owe My Heart To You b/w Love Ain’t Nothin’ To Play With
1955, Herald 444, Anything For A Friend b/w Your Love (Has My Heart Burning)
1955, Herald 450, You Ain’t Been True b/w My Greatest Desire
1955, Herald 457, Angels Tell Me b/w Tag Along
1955, Herald 462, No Way Out b/w Same Old Me
1956, Herald 470, Teenage Heart b/w (Guilty) Witness To The Crime
1956, Herald 480, Takin’ You Back b/w Don’t Forget To Smile
1956, Herald 489, Anytime Anyplace Anywhere b/w The Hammer (Keeps A Knockin’)
+ Welcome Home (unissued, 1955)

1957, Imperial 5443, Keeper Of My Heart b/w So Much
1957, Imperial 5456, Johnny Lee b/w You’re Crazy
1957, Imperial 5471, I Have A Twinkle In My Eye b/w Someone Like You
1958, Imperial 5525, When We Kiss b/w Everything

1960, Lido 603, That’s Alright b/w It Made Me Cry

1961, Savoy 1606, Step Up And Rescue Me b/w Cry You Crazy Heart
+ Sunrise Sunset Or Midnight and It Hurts To Be In Love (unissued, 1961 for Savoy)


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  2. Here's post Imperial discography

    58 HERALD 512
    Shake A Hand
    I'll Be True
    59 LIDO 603
    That's All Right
    It Made Me Cry
    60 LIDO 606
    It Can't Be Wrong
    I Waited So Long
    60 WARWICK 550
    Look Around #1
    I'm So Happy #1
    60 WARWICK 590
    Shake A Hand #1
    It Hurts Me To My Heart #1
    61 WARWICK 620
    Johnny, Don't
    Obey My Rules
    61 WARWICK 638
    It Can't Be Wrong
    It's Nice To Know
    61 SAVOY 1606
    Cry, You Crazy Heart #1
    Step Up And Rescue Me #1
    61 SAVOY unnissued
    Sunrise Sunset Or Midnight
    It Hurts To Be In Love
    62 PRESTIGE 224
    You Can Trust In Me
    Goodnight My Love
    7x SAVOY 4357
    Sinner Man

    Faye Adams: Shake a Hand (Warwick W2031), 1961
    Shake A Hand
    That's All Right
    It Can't Be Wrong
    Look Around
    If You Love Me
    It Hurts Me To My Heart
    I'll Be True To You
    It Made Me Cry
    I Waited So Long
    I'm So Happy
    Somebody Somewhere (Prayin' For Me)
    It Don't Want Your Love (No More)

    VA: Golden Souvenirs (Almor AS-103)
    That's Alright
    It Can't Be Wrong
    Look Around
    - rest of the tracks are by Shirley & Lee and Little Esther.