Tuesday, November 10, 2009

THE TASSELS minipost

Early Girls Vol. 4 liner notes:
“The mighty Arista Records? It could be said that they owe it all to a quartet from New Jersey comprising lead singer Rochelle Gaudet, her brother John, Leo Joyce and Joe Intelisano. For prior to Arista there was Bell Records, and before Larry Uttal bought into that label there wer his Mala and Amy imprints. But the logo that started it all was Madison, whose first chart hit was ‘TO A SOLDIER BOY’ by The Tassels, #55 on the Hot 100 in August 1959. The group’s soundalike follow-up, ‘To A Young Lover’, failed to chart, as did a subsequent 45 on Golddisc and a 1966 reissue of ‘To A Soldier Boy’ on the Amy Label, But from little acorns…”

The Tassels
My Guy And I – Teresa – The Boy For Me – To A Soldier Boy – To A Young Lover

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