Monday, November 16, 2009


For reasons unknown there haven't been a box set gathering both the A's and B's of their singles, despite being one of the greatest groups in soul ever. Being a bit annoyed by the fact that their first singles and many B-sides never shows up on any compilations I decided to gather them myself. So here you have it, a whooping 58 tracks - the COMPLETE singles, A and B-sides including their first singles billed as The Vells and The Del-Phis respectively with Gloria Williams on lead. Also included is Martha's first solo single released on Motown before she headed for Arista.

Martha & The Vandellas - Complete Singles 1

Martha & The Vandellas - Complete singles 2


  1. Absolutely amazing posts, Sugar Boom Boom!!! I don't know how you manage to make such a fantastic blog. Thanks and congratulations for your hard work!

  2. EXCELLENT POST!! One of my all-time favourite groups!!

  3. I'm from Denmark, now living in South Africa. Fantastic choices. Hope you keep it up for long!

  4. Great collection! Thanks!

    I just found your blog from a link on Nosi's blog. She has a great blog and you do too. I'm glad to she posted a link to your Doris Duke album. Otherwise I would have missed out on finding you. :)

  5. Oh great poster of fabulous tunes, I have a question. Do you read comments that are added to your older posts or do you prefer all comments be made to the newest post? Since I just found your blog I will digging in your older treasures and I was wondering about your preference on comments.

    I LOVE this blog. I'll try not to mess it up. lol

  6. Thanks for the kind words! :)

    Just post the comments where you feel like it, I got a thingy at the bottom of the blog where I can see all the latest comments :)

    @JB - hur i h-e hamnar man i Sydafrika om man kommer från Danmark? :)

  7. great posting

    many thanks for all you do


  8. Just re-downloaded the Martha and Vandellas post and would like to say thank you again.

  9. Great music, great artists, great blog.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you.