Monday, November 16, 2009


You should know how this works by know... 30 songs, what I believe to be all of their singles (except - as for the Crystals - some instrumental B-sides).


  1. Just snagged the Crystals and Ronettes. This is an unbeleivably good blog. Thank you for your time,trouble and generosity in sharing.

  2. Great group. It's hard to imagine anyone not liking the Ronettes. Thanks!

  3. When I'm done, I'll have snagged The Ronettes, Crystals, Chantels, Cookies, Chiffons, Jelly Beans, and Martha and the Vandellas. This is an absolute dream come true for a girl group fan like me. You had songs for the Ronettes I'd never heard, and I've been searching for every lastpiece of their catalogue for years and years. Thank you so much for all the effort you put- its very appreciated.

    Btw- "Siren" by Ronnie Spector isn't available on cd, but it is on iTunes for $9.90. Just search for Ronnie Spector and there it is! Her 2006 album "Last of the Rock Stars" is there too, you might want to check that out.

    Thanks you again! I'm so thrilled!

  4. many thanks for all the girl group postings


  5. Loving the posts. Saw Ronnie on Saturday here in NYC. She's getting up there (had to sit down after every song), but still put on a fun show.

    I've compiled a makeshift version of "Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica" using MP3s from YouTube for the missing "What'd I Say?" and "Chapel of Love." (I was able to buy "How Does It Feel.") If you can do better, please let me know!