Wednesday, October 14, 2009

THE BLOSSOMS 1954-1969

The Blossoms is one of the most famous vocal groups ever, despite constantly changing line-ups and unstable record contracts. Despite a few minor hits and years of exposure as the back up singers of Shindig there has never been a Blossoms compilation for some reason, so here I have collected 33 tracks covering the period between 1954 to 1969. Included are the pre-Darlene Love years as The Dreamers Coeds, Rollettes and Echoes. Loads of rarities here!

I haven't included their sole LP from 1972 as it is readily available elsewhere (can't remeber where exactly, but I think it's the Classic & Rare Soul Sisters blog you can find in the links to the right)

The Chronological Blossoms, 54-69


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  2. WOW!! I loved "That`s when the tears start" and haven`t heard much else,so thank you for this GREAT post!!