Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Doris' third (and last?) album is pretty far from her previous efforts... First of all. it's all over the place! Sometimes it sounds like something coming from Motown (not just the H-D-H penned Love Is Here And Now You're Gone), and then she skips to more of a grittier Stax sound. Throw in a pinch of Atlantic plus some mid-seventies schmaltz and there you have Woman. The only decent songs on this are those bookending the album: Woman Of The Ghetto is an 8-minute epic with socially aware lyrics, while Full Time Woman is a soft ballad which could have been on A Legend In Her Own Time. Doris sings wonderful throughout the album of course, and she does the best of the sub-standard material. It's worth a listen or two, but not much more...

Doris Duke - Woman


  1. nice job with the blog! looking forward to checkin out these albums

  2. I played the album all the way through and I like it. I think it's worth more than a listen or two as stated in the review you posted. Thanks!

  3. I've changed my feelings about this album though... while it fades in comparison to her earlier efforts it is a worthwile deep soul album in its own right :)

  4. I'm glad you changed your mind. This album and I go way back, and I had the same initial reaction. So I was going to suggest giving this album a few more spins. :)

    I think the tenderness and depth she brings to "Full Time Woman" and "Love is Here..." are revelatory. I will never hear those songs the same way again.
    And though "Please Come Back" could have used a little more work, the pathos she conveys in the first verse takes me there--walking down that street--every time.

    "Grasshopper" and "Pick Up The Pieces" (which had to grow on me) are my other faves. And of course "Woman of the Ghetto" is simply awesome.