Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here we go, the last of the true rockstars ;)

In this album, "Unfinished Business" she has a sexy duet with country singer Eddie Money, Desmond Child and Diane Warren wrote the haunting "Love On A Rooftop" for her; Desmond Child produced. There's also a very nice "When We Danced," on which Paul Shaffer collaborated. "Dangerous" is where the Go-Go's should've gone to reinvent themselves, and that Spector tips her hat to the new gals on the block is impressive, being backed by Bangle Susanna Hoffs.Elvis Presley's "Burnin' Love" is put to a dance beat, and it works. What's important about this cover is that it takes Spector away from the elements producers and fans had locked her into.

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  1. except for Siren which I still could never listen, this is, from my point of view, the best album of Ronnie since she went solo, power ballads that were "the sound" in late 80s when it was released, including that written by the always reliable Diane Warren "Love on the rooftop" and produced by Desmond Child, it was also released as a single. Unfairly both single and album didn´t make the charts as it usually happens with Ronnie´s recordings.
    I have the Australian CD "Dangerous" which contaibs this complete album and some bonus (Say Goodbye to Hollywood and its flip side, "Take me home tonight" with Eddie Money (this was a great hit, I shouldn´t say that it´s a "duet" Eddie/Ronnie, Ronnie did a strong cameo appearence in the recording, the video helped showing her very sexy and attractive and you finally remember the song with both of them as a duet).
    I´ve read (don´t remember where) that the songs in "Something´s gonna happen" which appeared later, were taken from the sessions of Unfinished Business which the producers or label decided not to include in this album.