Saturday, October 10, 2009


Amazon user review:
'I've never submitted a review previously and seldom do I rave. So take a leap of faith and trust me when I say that this brief CD provides fifteen minutes (5 songs)of multiple, aural orgasms so intense as to be only comparable to the greatest sex. Musical magic is achieved here by matching perhaps the finest diva of the 60's girl-group with the most exhuberantly romantic songs of early Marshall Crenshaw, a modern master of Rock and Roll classical forms, with an uncanny ability to "channel" the spirit of the greatest mid-60's tunes without slipping into cheap pastiche. These recordings are so joyful, so transporting, as to achieve the very same heights as the Ronettes' best songs. The backing musicians consist of Crenshaw himself on guitar, his brother Robert on drums and the virtuosic bassist, Graham Maby (See early Joe Jackson) and they rock like hell. The explanation why these outstanding 1989 recordings were not released until 2001 is a complicated and tragic tale involving a record label bankruptcy and the seizing of the master tapes as assets of the various creditors. Not knowing this history when I bought this CD, I was cynical about whether it would be any good, however, my curiosity got the better of my common sense and so I set aside my skepticism. I'm now jubilant I did so. From the opening bars of the first track, "Something's Gonna Happen" I was simply overwhelmed with the sublime nature of this CD. Don't let the brevity of the CD deter you from purchasing it. What wouldn't you be willing to pay to hear five lost classics of the Beatles, Beach Boys or Who, if they existed? '

Ronnie Spector - Something's Gonna Happen

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