Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The Cookies is a well known girl groups to many, but a lot of people don't know there was an earlier line-up of that group. When you think of The Cookies you think of the sixties edition, with Earl-Jean McCrea in it, but in the fifties the group consisted of three other girls fronted by Earl-Jeans big sister, Darlene.

They had a top ten R&B hit in 1956 with In Paradise, but they recorded four other singles which are equally fine in my book. In this collection you can find five sides with The Cookies, four solo songs by Darlene and three songs on which they sing back up for Varetta Dillard.

The Cookies
- Don't Let Go
- Hippy Hippy Daddy
- In Paradise
- King Of Hearts
- Later Later

Darlene McCrea
- Don't Worry Baby
- My Heart's Not In It
- You Made A Fool Out Of Me
- You

Varetta Dillard & The Cookies
- Old Fashioned
- Star Of Fortune
- The Rules Of Love

The Early Cookies

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